Boris Johnson Slammed As He Chickens Out Of Criticising Trump In Middle East Speech

13 Jan 2018 08:33

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Now, I will speak only of NSA. I believe it really is fair tosay that historically we have been capable to be a lot more agile in sharing informationwith some consumers, like the Division of Defense, than with - than wehave with other folks, like the Division of Justice. This is not something wecreated. It is not some thing that we chose. For very reputable motives, Congress and the courts have erected some barriers that make the sharing withlaw enforcement more cautious and much more regulated. As a sensible matter, wehave selected, as a people, to make it tougher to conduct electronic searches forlaw enforcement than for foreign intelligence purposes. This is so simply because lawenforcement electronic searches implicate not only Fourth Amendment privacyinterests but also Fifth Amendment liberty interests. 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